Veer Sain K.K. Kundu Anubhuti Mehta Pooja Pooja


Cicer arietinum is a suitable crop in Bhiwani district of Haryana covering Siwani and Tosham Blocks were selected purposively on the basis of aximum production under gram crop. Further to study the marketing information and constraints in marketing of gram in Bhiwani, Dadri, Siwani and osham markets were selected. For studying the different marketing aspects 40 traders form 4 regulated markets from two blocks of Bhiwani district were randomly selected. From the findings of the research study in Bhiwani district traders, awareness on prices and arrivals in reference/other market and main market were of I-Rank, II-Rank, III-Rank and IV-Rank. Contacts in other markets with fellow traders formed major sources of market information in Bhiwani district. The daily prices were compiled manually and also written on the notices board for the information and use by the farmers visiting the market. The information is disseminated through various media like neighbors, newspapers, relatives etc. About 75% of the traders in the selected markets also faced difficulty on non-availability of information in required form.



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Bhiwani, Market Information System, Regulated markets, Traders

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