Ashwini Ambadi D. Krishnamurty Sathyanaran Rao B.K. Desai M.V. Ravi S. Shubha


A field experiment was conducted on vertisols at Organic Farming Research Institute, University of Agricultural Sciences, Raichur coming under northern Karnataka during rabi season of 2015-16 to study the yield potential (q ha-1 ) and economics of rabi sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) as influenced by different crop residues and green biomass composts. The experiment consisted of fifteen treatments, of which twelve treatments were based on nitrogen supply though different composts, one recommended dose of fertilizer, one recommended organic and inorganic fertilizers and another was absolute control. Significantly higher grain yield (39.9 q ha-1 ) and stover yield (13.2 tha1 ) was recorded with application of FYM @ 3 t ha-1 + RDF (50:25 N:P2O5 kg ha-1 )followed by recommended NP fertilizers (T13: 37.2 q ha-1 ) and Cotton stalks +Redgram stalks + Glyricidiasp. with C: N ratio of 30:1 compost @ 50 kg N equivalent (T12: 36.6 q ha-1 ). The lowest grain yield was recorded with absolute control (T15: 18.4 q ha-1 ). Significantly higher B:C (3.08) was recorded with RDF(50:25 N:P2O5 kg ha-1 ) + FYM @ 3 t ha-1 application followed Cotton stalks +Redgram stalks + Glyricidia sp. with C: N ratio of 30:1 compost @ 50 kg N equivalent (T12:2.90) over other treatments. Application of recommended FYM @ 3 t ha-1 15 days before sowing along with 50 kg of nitrogen and 25 kg of phosphorus per hectare at the time of sowing recorded higher dry matter production, grain and stover yield and net returns and benefit: cost ratio.


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Cotton stalks, Compost, RDF, Red stalks, Sorghum

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