Jitendra Goldie Lall Ajeet Kumar Santra Sambhuti Shankar Sahu


The fresh eggs were collected and evaluated to effect of storage periods on internal and external characteristics in local chicken eggs. The mean value of the egg weight, egg width, shape index, albumin height, albumen weight, albumen percentage, albumin index, yolk height, yolk weight, yolk percentage, yolk index, shell thickness, shell weight, shell %, albumin pH, albumin protein and Haugh Unit are 58.60±0.84 g, 4.08±0.02 cm, 76.39±1.02, 5.40±0.16 mm, 33.67±0.37g, 58.07±0.55%, 6.76±0.49, 18.20±0.29 mm, 18.33±0.43 g, 44.27±0.91%, 44.27±0.91%, 0.29±0.02, 6.06±0.22, 10.39±0.25, 7.82±0.02, 11.77±0.07 and 72.63±1.34 in local chicken eggs. The data from current study indicates that with increase in storage period, a significant (P<0.01) decline was observed in various parameters like percentage weight loss, albumen height, yolk height, egg width, albumen index, yolk index, Haugh unit, albumen %, albumen weight, shell thickness and albumen protein. Contrary to this, albumen pH (P<0.01) was found to escalate with increase in storage period. Egg length, shell %and yolk % have significantly differed at (P<0.01) level. Shape index and shell weight showed no significant differences.


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Desi fowl, Egg, Quality parameters, Storage

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