Sandeep Kumar Pradeep Kumar Vichitra Kumar Arya Ravi Kumar S. A. Kerkhi


The present study was conducted to estimate the gentic components and regression analysis for grain yield and various morphological traits in bread wheat involving 10 parents and their 45 F1s (half diallel) during 2012- 13 and 2013-14. Significant additive (D) and dominance (H1) variance for the traits indicated that expression of these traits is control by both additive and dominance gene action. Average degree of dominance (H1/D)1/2 were more than unity for the traits (peduncle length, flag leaf area, productive tillers, biological yield, grain yield, harvest index) indicating the preponderance of over dominance gene action. The estimates of h2 were positive and significant for days to ear emergence, peduncle length, productive tillers, biological yield and grain yield indicated dominance of genetic components in F1s. Positive and significant values of F were estimated for days to ear emergence, days to 50% flowering, spike length, flag leaf area and grain yield in F1s indicating the preponderance of dominance and positive genes in the parents involved. The theoretical value (0.25) of (H2/4H1) for all the traits indicated asymmetrical distribution of positive and negative genes. The proportion of dominant and recessive alleles indicated presence of dominant alleles in the parents. The traits showing more than 30% narrow sanse heritability could be rewarding for further improvement in grain yield in bread wheat. Regression analysis indicated that the traits (days to ear emergence, days to 50% flowering, peduncle length, flag leaf area, productive tillers, harvest index, biological yield and grain yield) control by over dominance type of gene action. The parent RAJ 4246 contained maximum dominant genes for days to ear emergence and days to 50% flowering; HD 2733 for spike length and flag leaf area and HD 2824 for productive tillers, biological yield and grain yield used as donors in multiple traits breeding programme to develop high yielding wheat genotypes.


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Bread wheat, Diallel analysis, Genetic components, Grain yield, Regression analysis

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